Size of indian forex market

size of indian forex market

world. However, the USD is likely to retain its dominant position in the international financial markets in the near future. Function of a Forex Department Exports Pre/post Imports Opening of LC shipment Advance Export Advance bills Bills for collection Exchange Dealings Rate Computation Nostro / Vostro accounts Forward Contracts Guarantees, LC S bills for collection Import loan and guarantees Forward Contracts Derivatives Exchange position and. Forex Terms swift-Society for world wide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. This indicates increased trade openness and globalization of Indian firms during the period. The decade of the 1990s witnessed a perceptible policy shift in many emerging markets towards reorientation of theirin many emerging markets towards reorientation of their financial markets in terms of new products and instruments, development of institutional and market infrastructure and realignment of regulatory structure.

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As on May 2008.E.D.A.I. And others such as Thomas Cook (I) Ltd. It is also found that forwards and futures would continue to have their respective market shares in the Indian foreign exchange market since both of them have unique features in minimizing the exchange rate risk. Della Corte, Sarno PL, Tsiakas I (2009) An economic evaluation of empirical exchange rate models. After its establishment, the forex market has seen significant growth over the years. Similarly, majority of the respondents voted for market characteristics such as depth (54) and efficiency (62 however, it is observed from the responses that 18 of the participants could not take a definite view on market efficiency. Indian foreign exchange market is mainly concentrated in Mumbai and its share is nearly 80 in the entire turnover. Further, given the recent volatility in the USD/INR exchange rate, policy makers may place enough checks and balances (viz., strict compliance of Know Your Customer norms, full disclosure standards regarding FIIs) over destabilizing speculative transactions in order to maintain stability in the financial markets. The status of the forex market in India.

Similarly, Bhatti and Moosa 2 and Lothian and Wu 3 validated UIP theory in the foreign exchange markets. Shah A,IlaPatnaik (2005) Indias Experience with Capital Flows: The Elusive Quest for a Sustainable Current Account Deficit The National Bureau of Economic Research (nber) Working Paper. This view was supported by the findings of the research study conducted by the authors 23 that lagged values of forward premia, interest rate differential and turnover in the foreign exchange market had a significant impact in determining forward premia during the period December 1998.