Exchange us dollar to yen in japan

exchange us dollar to yen in japan

The Plaza Accord and the 80s yen. 17, 2018 112.21, oct. 1, 2018 112.79, oct. 29, 2018 112.49, oct. 18, 2018 112.30 Sept.

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2, 2018 113.09, nov. However, when office work from home jobs uk the global economic crisis hit in 2008, major currencies began declining relative to the yen and it rose once more, reaching.14 by October 2011. 22, 2018 112.78, oct. The word yen means round in Japanese, catching on from when Spanish and Mexican coins arrived in China in the 17th century, where they were known as silver round because, well, they were round silver coins. 25, 2018 112.88 Sept. 11, 2018 112.26, oct. Data for this Date Range, nov. 9, 2018 113.13, oct.

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