Top forex economic indicators

top forex economic indicators

to point to a forthcoming recession or may even mean the economy is already in recession. Both the labor data and retail sales are leading indicators of the future economic conditions by which GDP growth rates can be predicted, and are widely used by traders to analyze the potential impact on exchange rates. Usually, it is this latter figure that CFD and Forex traders respond. States and 255 metropolitan areas. There are Two Sides to Every Trade. Conversely, if capacity utilisation is running at low levels, it is a signifier of economic weakness. This infrequency means the report is subject to volatility and you need to be very careful about what you read into a single report in isolation. This provides a useful update on the strength of the labour market, particularly when it coincides with the sample week used for the Employment Situation report. Being a quarterly release, traders try to predict the GDP report by tracking leading indicators like personal consumption and the housing market.

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It consists of an expansionary phase, when many areas of the economy grow at the same time, and a recessionary phase, when economic activity contracts. The CPI is the measure of the change in the prices of consumer goods in 200 categories. Positive NFP numbers are usually beneficial to the US dollar, while disappointing non-farm payrolls typically result in a falling dollar. Manufacturing only makes up roughly 20 of the US economy, but is closely monitored by FX and CFD traders. The producer price index (PPI) tracks the change in selling work from home packing jobs leeds prices of around 3000 items at various stages of manufacturing. Food and energy data tend to be much too volatile and subject to revisions to provide an accurate reading on producer price changes. A durable good is a product that lasts over three years, during which its services are extended. The retail sales report presents the estimate of the value of sales for the retail sector and is released by the US Department of Commerce, around two weeks after the end of the record month at 8:30.m. This report shows the fluctuation in productions in industries such as factories, and utilities. To analyze, focus on the percentage change in levels from the previous month.

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