Shorthand words example

shorthand words example

"Northwest Blvd", "W. Making abbreviating the word redundant because you're extending the original abbreviation. BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and, cNN (Cable News Network). Since the shorthand for kilometre/kilometer ( quilĂ´metro in Portuguese or in Greek) is "km" in both languages and the letter "k" does not appear in the expansion of either translation, "km" is a symbol as it is a substitution rather than a contraction. However, the 1999 style guide for The New York Times states that the addition of an apostrophe is necessary when pluralizing all abbreviations, preferring "PC's, TV's and VCR's". Take the medication as much as desired. This brevity gave rise to an informal abbreviation scheme sometimes called Textese, with which 10 or more of the words in a typical SMS message are abbreviated. " (to avoid the appearance of " No initials within persons' names (such as "George. But I could find one acceptable abbreviation which is: MTD. Mean 'that is' or 'in other words' (from the Latin id est).

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shorthand words example

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A repeatedly used abbreviation should be spelt out for identification on its first occurrence in a written or spoken passage. The only rule universally accepted is that one should be consistent, and to make this easier, publishers express their preferences in a style guide. 2 :p167170 Fowler's Modern English Usage says full stops are used to mark both abbreviations and contractions, but recommends against this practice: advising them only for abbreviations and lower-case initialisms and not for upper-case initialisms and contractions. The only exceptions are ". For instance, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation can be abbreviated as "Nato" or "nato", and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome as "Sars" or "sars" (compare with " laser " which has made the full transition to an English word and is rarely capitalised at all).