Prepaid forex card benefits

prepaid forex card benefits

into a global village and airfares getting affordable, there has been a surge in the number of international travelers. The equal amount of foreign exchange will be loaded in the card for your usage. If you are going for a foreign trip to one country, you can always opt for a single destination currency card. Prepaid Forex Cards hdfc Bank - Forex Card, Forex Plus Travel. Using a prepaid forex card, no loss forex system when travelling overseas, not only gives you the freedom from currency fluctuations, but also keeps your money safe. ForexPlus Chip Card, forexPlus Platinum, card, giftPlus Card. All you must do is to approach a money changer or a bank and get a card, which is preloaded with whatever amount you think will suffice your trip. Exchange rate used will be the visa/Mastercard wholesale exchange rate prevailing at the time of the transaction.

Once the bank or the money changer issues the card, you can easily carry it overseas and use it just like cash, whenever you need to pay your bills. Multi-currency forex card today! Prepaid Forex cards are secure and they can easily be blocked like the debit or the credit card in case of loss. Forex conversion fee applicable *Service Tax applicable on all charges Eligibility and Documentation of ForexPlus Card Already have a ForexPlus Card? But before you go for top up, you need to remit the exact amount from forex reserves india the savings account to the card providers account. Less expensive than credit and debit cards. Availing supplementary benefits, most of the prepaid Forex cards come with supplementary benefits like health insurance coverage. Nearest branch, top up while you travel, apollo Medical Benefit.

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