No module named forex python.converter

no module named forex python.converter

that succeeds is «ham» imported as a submodule of «spam». import pandas as pd import numpy as np from datetime import datetime from forex_nverter import get_rate from forex_nverter import CurrencyRates c CurrencyRates import datetime dfconverted nvert JPY forex berlin 'USD df'Money_JPY datetime_object i've tried to convert The df'Date' into a list of datetime. The forex module needs datetime. If it is indeed a (submodule of a) package, it first tries to do the import relative to the package (the parent package for a submodule). Datetime(2014, 5, 23, 18, 36, 28, 151012) t_rates USD date_obj) # same as get_rates USD date_obj) u'IDR 11612.0, u'BGN.4349, u'ILS.4861, u'GBP.5938, u'DKK.4762, u'CAD.0901, u'JPY 101.92, u'HUF 222.66, u'RON.2359, u'MYR.2101, u'EUR.73368, u'SEK.6471, u'SGD.2527, u'HKD.7519, u'AUD. Datetime(2016, 5, 23, 19, 39, 36, 815417) t_previous_price_list INR start_date, end_date) # get_previous_price_list INR start_date, end_date) u 29371.7579, u 30402.3169, u 29586.3631, u 29925.3272, u 29864.0256, u 29884.7449 Force use of Decimal: from forex_tcoin import BtcConverter b t_latest_price EUR # you can directly call get_latest_price. By voting up you can indicate which examples are most useful and appropriate. Currency Rates list all latest currency rates for USD: from forex_nverter import CurrencyRates c CurrencyRates t_rates USD # you can directly call get_rates USD u'IDR 13625.0, u'BGN.7433, u'ILS.8794, u'GBP.68641, u'DKK.6289, u'CAD.3106, u'JPY 110.36, u'HUF 282.36, u'RON.0162, u'MYR.081, u'SEK.

# return type Decimal Get Bitcoin symbol: print(t_symbol # get_btc_symbol Currency Symbols Codes Get Currency symbol Using currency code: from forex_nverter import CurrencyCodes c CurrencyCodes t_symbol GBP u'xa3' print t_symbol GBP print t_symbol EUR Get Currency Name using currency code: t_currency_name EUR u'European Euro' t_currency_name. Convert Amount to bitcoins based on previous date prices: date_obj datetime. Here are the examples of the python api forex_t_currency_name taken from open source projects. Convert Bitcoins anz currency conversion fee nz to valid currency amount based on lates price: nvert_btc_to_cur(1.25, 'USD # convert_btc_to_cur(1.25, 'USD 668. Datetime(2016, 5, 18, 19, 39, 36, 815417) nvert_btc_to_cur_on(1.25, 'EUR date_obj) 504. If that fails, the import continues as an absolute import: it will look for a module named «eggs».

Datetime / date_obj as input, so I tried to convert the datetime64 column to datetime. Datetime dataframe, but this seems to be impossible. Forex Python is a Free Foreign exchange rates and currency conversion. Note: Install latest forex -python1.1 to avoid RatesNotAvailableError. BitCoin price for all currencies.

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